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Creating design and mentorship programs for your specific needs.

Cress Wine Design offers a full range of affordable wine consultation and mentorship programs for restaurants, corporations, groups and everyday people.

Whether You’re Looking to Improve Your Wine Tasting Skills or Excel at Pairing Wine With Food Cress Wine Design can teach you the tools to help you feel confident in making the right decision without being overwhelmed by too many choices.

Or if you’re serious about having an Irresistible Selection of Quality Wines for your list or Special Event we can help you create a stylish Wine List that maximizes profit while keeping customers coming back.

Our Wine for the People Mentorship Program trains you to get really good at pairings AND savvy at choosing quality affordable wines.  We can help you boost you wine skills and start feeling like a pro at ordering, buying and enjoying great wine. Learn more here.

…While our Design Program offers you the best selection of affordability and style.

Restaurants: Learn more here about how to leverage your list for profit.