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Patrick Cress

I have spent the majority of my life around the restaurant business.  The common thread is that I find myself attracted to helping people truly enjoy themselves through food and wine. I get so much pleasure turning people on to new wines and seeing their faces light up at the most amazing pairing of wine and food.  Two decades of experience on the floor made me realize that my passion for wine, and the way I spoke about it really connected me to people.

After moving to the Bay Area in 2000 I got a job in San Francisco at the London Wine Bar and it was there where it all came together.   I learned about the California wine business, Burgundy, Bordeaux and what cellaring does to a wine. I took pride and ownership in the success of the business and utilized my talents to get people excited about a 20-year-old Chenin Blanc or the latest release of Caymus. As my passion for the wine business grew, I knew it was time to take it all to the next level.

I got my sommelier certification and started buying wine for restaurants in 2007.  Since then I’ve worked for some of the Bay Area’s best restaurants loving what I do – maximizing profits on their wine lists and sharing my passion and knowledge with countless FOH staff. In my thirst for knowledge and interest in refining my palate it made my job so enjoyable and easy to do well.

I am a dad and partner who loves to cook and experiment with food and wine at home. I am a Taurus – striving to make comfort in my home and utilize my creativity by providing beautiful, tasty and nutritious food for my family. Pairing wine with food is the icing on the cake. There is nothing more satisfying than sharing a great pairing of wine and food – each making the other taste better – while connecting with family and friends.