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Welcome to the Cress Wine Design Blog!

My name is Patrick Cress and I have a natural gift of helping people understand the world of food and wine in a simple and creative way.

With over two decades experience in the restaurant business I have learned to help restaurants thrive by designing wine lists that are accessible and profitable, guided customers to find the perfect food and wine pairings and trained staffs to feel confident talking about wine.

I’ve developed a style that combines hospitality, approachability and confidence in knowing how to choose the perfect wine for any occasion. So I have decided to compile my best tips such as the perfect pairing ideas, places to get quality wine for cheap and what to pick for special events in a series of weekly blogs.

Some of the topics include: Gruner is for vegetarians, what to bring to a dinner party for under $15, “is that French on the wine bottle ‘cause I’m lost?!”, the top 3 countries that give bang for yourHome-Page-Photo-450x300-flipped buck, etc.

These blogs are designed to make you into a better wine consumer without the pretension or having to spend a ton of money. You’ll discover a new found confidence as you apply what you’ve learned and experience the power of truly understanding this art.

Wine is the perfect alchemy of Mother Nature and human artistry. It is the glue to a celebration of life: graduations, romance, achievements, even dinner! Wine has been enjoyed for centuries by the likes of royalty, common people, poets, artists and monks. It brings family together helping to inspire sharing, stories and laughter. It can sweeten the blow of a broken heart. It helps set the stage for healing and connection.   With the right guidance you, too, can truly become a savvy wine consumer.

Check out my post on 5 quality sparkling wines under $20 here.

I’d love to hear from you.   Why do you love wine? Tell me about your story. What are you curious about?   Do need help finding wine for an event or are you having trouble picking wines to pair with dinner?   What are your 3 most burning questions on how you can become a better wine consumer? Leave me a comment, and I will be sure to answer any question you have regarding the wine business through this blog.